Monday, 24 May 2010

There is a band called Snow Patrol. I bet they are popular to most people but i didn't know them until i came across one of their songs on YouTube called "The Golden Floor". when you listen to it you have mixed emotions! And these guys are great. Charismatic! The song "Chasing Cars is theirs which by the way is very popular!
On the left is a cover of one of their albums! (It's my favorite and i think it's very artistic) and here's a link to the song "The golden Floor":

I hope you like them as much as I did!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Uh... just to make something clear...

  Jonna, we do NOT go to the toilet together... plus, don't say it like that cause people will misunderstand. Seriously.
  Also, you DON'T call me in the middle of the night. Mama would have already killed me had you done that. More seriously.
So, Alice and i have decided to write a book together. (the only thing we don't do together is going to the bathroom. Oh wait we have done that :P ) We haven't fugured out the plot yet but for sure it will be Paranormal Romance.No, it won't be for Vampires or Warewolves. it's cliche and I'm sick of the lack of imagination. There are a whole bunch of other magical creatures which could be mentioned in a book. We are so obsessed with the idea that we call each other in the middle of the night to share our ideas. So far Alice has the most interesting ideas and I really envy her for her imagination.
The reason we're doing it is fun, satisfaction and self expression!There are times that we need to expess our feelings and writing is a pretty good way to do it. I hope we come up with ideas that will help us develop our story and give an end to the twilight disease that have infected them all (blah!)
As my friend told you, we're writing this blog together. There is no purpose of doing it but it's fun!We're quite different as people so this blog will be a mess(in a good way!) I don't know what else should i write( and that's becouse i was "forced" to write something by Alice :P)

P.S Alice if i have mistakes please correct them ( she is a lot better in expressing herself in English than me)

Yay! New blog!

  Ok, I love writting in joined blogs along with my friend. That is, as long as they write as well, but whatever... So, the whole, behind the name thing... No, it has nothing to do with Nokia or finding life mates (just in case you were wondering). We were just talking with Jonna and we were like "how shall we name it?" and well, I glanced at my cell (it's a nokia, alright) and joked "connecting people?". Well, it kinda stucked afterwards and ta-da! Here it is!
 So, this blog is about nothing in particular, just as babbling and all and posting things we like and believe we shouldn't forget... Like long lists of to-do which I am sure we will never complete! ^^ Feel free to comment! After all, the blog should at least live up to it's name!!! (connecting people, that is)
  Well, that was basically (my) introduction which hopefully did not bore you (oh, come on fellas, it wasn't that long!)